Saturday, October 2, 2010

FML reheated

I have picked fabrics. I have come up with design ideas.I have new blades for my rotary cutter. Things are going well.

I have run out of shampoo. I haven't made much progress on Janelle's bag. The cats keep sitting on the big bit of batting that I bought on special from Spotlight but now have nowhere to put because the whole cleaning thing was a big fat fail, and I'm worried that because of this it'll get all dirty and catty and then I'll get guilty about the fact that it's inside the quilts I've made and then I wont be able to sell them.

Also, I've been in here for an hour now, but I forgot to turn on the electric blanket when I came into the room. And so even though I'm ready for bed now, my bed isn't ready for me.

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