Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Done for the night...

It would seem that, just because you can do the first quilt top in two hours...

...Doesn't mean you can do the second quilt top in 2 hours.

Especially when you change your design after you've sewn half of it, and then get a bit distracted by the Commonwealth Games on one channel and Crocodile Dundee on the other, and you're flicking between the two in the adverts, and it's hard to leave the lounge to go and sew.

Still, that's 2 quilt tops in one day, AND I didn't get started till about 4 this afternoon AND my machine's tension dial appears to have shat itself. Normal tension is at 5, I'm currently at 3.5 which is tight enough that the stitches aren't loose but not so tight that it bunches horrifically, but it's still bunching up a little. I have oiled, changed needles, screwed and unscrewed, cleaned the bobbin case, put the cotton on the other way (I'm getting desperate okay?) but still nothing. Where it's at now is bearable - you just need to leave a bit more space between the string piecing so that you can ease out the stitching. It does have an advantage though - it made unpicking (which I did a lot of at the design changing point in the pink top) a lot easier.

You can see the size difference with the overhang in each picture - the pink one ended up about 8cm wider but 4cm shorter. I like the blue and green one better since the difference between the fabrics is a lot more visible, and also the corners of the pink quilt are just sorted randomly because no matter what I did, I couldn't quite make it right. I would get 3 that matched, and then one would be really wrong, so I figured if they were all off I can call it random. I'll be doing the other side tomorrow, and I'm gunna make a point of using bigger pieces on the pink one, so hopefully the fabric patterns wont be so overwhelmed.

But that's tomorrow.

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