Friday, October 8, 2010

Damn you, Commonwealth Games...

I was ready to go to bed 2 hours ago but the Sally Pearson thing is keeping me up.

For those of you who aren't getting a little bit obsessed with the Commonwealth Games, be it because you're American, or not interested in sports, or protesting that it means we miss out on Good News Week and Offspring, Sally Pearson is a hurdler who we all decided we liked when she gave an interview at the Beijing Olympics that was a refreshing change from the usual scripted "I'd like to thank my sponsors" type thing - It was more of a "Did you see what I just did?" and Australia loved her for it.

Anyway, earlier tonight she was about to run the 100m sprint when both she and another runner false started. The other runner said that a moth flew in her mouth, and was allowed to run, and, because Sally's start was, I suppose, less false (0.071 as opposed to 0.07 - A false is anything under 0.1) she was still in too. Then she won, but other England and Nigeria are contesting, so we don't know if she has in fact actually, getting-the-medal type, won. 

This is bad for me, since I get upset when I don't know how things end. I much prefer American shows for this reason: if I get caught up in them on TV I can just download the next episode and resolve the cliffhanger. But this is going on now, and, although we aren't even guaranteed a conclusion tonight, I can't bring myself to go to bed until I know that there wont be an answer.

The Sydney Morning Herald website is saying that she has left the stadium, but does that mean I should leave the couch?

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