Saturday, October 2, 2010


Mum, Dad and Maddy have pissed off to Melbourne for the weekend, so I'm on my lonesome till Casey finishes work in a couple of hours. The cats have been fed, Bazza has been fed, Facebook and the rest of the interwebs have been checked. So now it's hair washing time before CRAFTERNOON!

Yay...woooh...huzzah...yippee... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

No massive plans, mainly cutting for some upcoming baby/mini quilts. Will be aiming more for the 100x120cm size than the 80x100cm size, since I think that that's a bit more practical in the long run, and I've cut back a bit on my dreams for non-gender-specific fabrics. One is blue and green. One is pink and orange. I'll also be continuing with the same design as the honeycomb quilt - the squares on one side and the crazy on the other. I have 4 yards of fabrics for each quilt.

And yes, they are the same fabrics in different colours. The boys quilt will be big squares of the blue with 4-patch squares of the 2 middle greens, and the back will be the middle greens being wonky with the bottom fabric as the main bit. Binding will probably be the blue, but that's a ways off. Girls quilt I'm not sure what will go where, since the fabrics a lot more similar than the big difference between the blue and the one with the red. There will probably be a vote of some kind.

These fabrics were all from, who put a little sticker on the fabric telling you what it is and how much they sent. That's probably the only really nice thing they do, except for be cheap. These fabrics were all $5 per yard before postage, which probably translates to around $50 per quilt when you include postage, and exchange rates, and batting.

Single sided quilts would be a lot cheaper. But probably quite a bit more boring.

Also, since this is all single manufacturer, I don't need to pre-wash. And that means I don't need to iron. And that's worth about $20 in itself. It certainly saves me over an hour of standing at the kitchen bench, and I earn $18p/h at woolies, so that works.

Anyway, hair washing. With someone else's shampoo, since I have run out. Bummer.

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