Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A blog about nothing much, really.

The dollar is so good at the moment, and I very much want to buy myself lots more fabric, but I've already spent way too much today, without even having sewn any more.

All up, about $200, with $80 of that being the lappy charger that works but falls out whenever I move it, and another $50 being the vistaprint order that I really shouldn't have, but which, if it gets here before Friday week, will totally be worth it.

The rest was little random bits that, annoyingly, add up fast. Food for the cats, lunch and tea for me, some socks, a book, shampoo and a cute little bag: it's annoying how easy it is to spend money on things other than fabric and rebuilding an engine.

The main reason no sewing got done today was that my only real chance to get into town was with Casey, Maddy and one of Maddy's friends when they went in for a picnic at the lakes. They dropped me off at Centro after we'd been to Anvil and the post office, and I blew money and walked to Poppy's while the weather was nice. They stayed at the lakes till the weather turned, and by the time we were home it was after 3, and time to waste money on not-fabric-internets, before heading to work to earn at least some of it back.

How very dull. Some days are I suppose.

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