Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back to the news now...

I did my random fast food rant, trawled the internet for a while to see if I could find myself one of these (and yes, I know I already have a heap of those fabrics, but I want them all. And these. And these. And these) and, once a new episode of Castle had downloaded (I forgot that it was starting, so I have a few back-eps still to get) I got into the sewing on the next project.

While they aren't particularly good representations of the fabrics, they were as good as I was willing to find in paint, since I still cant be bothered with the hassle of EQ5. It's the Artesian Batiks I mentioned the other day that I said I was gunna do like the BlueGreen quilt, but, well, here goes...

The math for that says you need to start with 22 by 24cm rectangles. But, having not prewashed these fabrics (since it's all one range) there were no fuzzy edges gong to waste, so I managed to cut 22 by 27cm rectangles. They seemed a bit big, and when I drew it up in the computer, 4 rectangles across didnt seem like enough, so I doubled it and zoomed out one. That looked much better, but, when I got to the real world, of course the rectangles weren't a scaled down version, like you would get if you cut a piece of A4 paper in half, they were a completely different shape. Too rectangular in fact, to nicely fit another cut on their narrow direction.

Thus, a plan change to wonk. Not the difficult wonk I wrangled with while doing the obviously named wonky mini quilt, but a matchless wonk, where points can be ignored (well, wonky ones can) in favour of maintaining my sanity. Before work I cut and laid out nicely all my diagonal pairs so I could string piece, and the advantage of having multiple cutting mats is that you can sit one on top of the other to protect your nicely laid out fabrics from the menace of the babycat. They've now been string pieced, but it's late for someone who's cut back on the Commonwealth Games since Sally Pearson didn't get to keep (or actually, never even got given) her gold medal, so I'll be waiting till tomorrow to iron them out. I'm not in any real rush with this one.

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