Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another quilt top...

Today I looked through some of the fabrics on my shelf, and I realised I have a lot of yard-long pairs. Because I like fabric that's cheap, but not crappy, I buy a lot of end-of-season fabrics, and that usually means I only get the 1 or 2 of a range that are left. And even though they're gorgeous, they don't usually go with anything else in my stash.

Case in point - these 2 fabrics.

I like them a lot. They're from the same range that I made the last 2 experimental quilts, but a different colourway. And for some weird reason, it's hard to find fabrics in lemonlime, turquoise and babypoo brown. So it was pretty much those two on their own. I've got a stripe that sortof is okayish I suppose, like, it'll do for the border, but if I was to put it with these two in the piecing it would jarr, unless I added a lot of other fabrics, and I can't be bothered going to that much effort.

So, clearly, it was time for some maths. I knew I could get a 100cm by 120cm top from 2 yards, since that's roughly how much I use when I do the three-fabric tops. But with only 2 fabrics, it's either a checkerboard design, or squares in squares.

I went for squares in squares.

And in another act of weirdness, I went for strip piecing. When I got home I started a timer, and I actually properly timed how long it would take to make the quilt top. I did a three-colour one in 2 hours, but that was completely cut and organised before I got started. For this one I had got my fabrics, ruler and cutting mat out, and that was it. Fabrics were still folded, blade was still blunt, iron was still in the cupboard. It ended up taking a bit over 3 hours, but that included things like changing the cutter blade, ironing out all the folds before the cutting, as well as less pertinent things, like feeding the cats, feeding myself, and rescuing Babycat from the spaghetti strainer*

But after 3 hours, I have this...

Because the fabrics are so similar, there's not a huge amount of definition in the design. And while I've whinged about that in past quilts (the pink one in the same fabrics for instance) I like it in this one. Because it's only the two patterns, I can get away with calling it subtle. It's also quite unisex, though it'll be a struggle to keep it that way on the back. I have enough bits left to do 4 more squares, but I'm thinking that instead of attaching the second sides to the squares, I might just join them all together to make a long strip 15cm wide, and then I can put that through the middle of a solid for the back. As I said I have a stripe that sortof matches for the binding, since I really like a stripey binding, but it's colours are a bit more primary (a pastel blue, yellow and green) so it will have to be a narrow one, so that it doesn't conflict too much. I'm also thinking I wanna have a play at some point with the automatic hem roller foot for the Elna, but perhaps that's not the type of project to be trying these things out on.

Also today I went into Spotlight (to buy another ruler - I still can't find mine) and they had a heap of fabrics for $2 a metre. I only got 8 since Casey was waiting in the car, but I'll try and go back tomorrow for a proper look.

*to be fair, I think it was acting in self defence.

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