Monday, October 18, 2010


It's been a good couple of days for finishing things off - The blue and green baby quilt got bound, the pastel baby quilt got done, and the baby-quilt-from-two-yards-of-fabric got a back, quilted and bound.

Next step, learning how to name quilts.

And taking some photos too would be good, but I might wait till I can borrow Helen's house again. Also, I'm not sure where my camera is.


Casey and Becky made it home alive from the BnS, but only barely. By all accounts it would not have been a good ball for me to attend, not least because the people parked next to them were taking peoples things and throwing them into the fire. This would have made me set fire to them, and their cars, and I probably would have found out their addresses, probably by the use of some fire related torture, so I could go and set fire to their houses too. I get cross easily, and yes, my responses tend to be disproportionate. 

Also, Becky has trashed her ankle again, but she gets no sympathy because she was silly enough to get her cast removed after only a week the first time she fractured it. Jessie on the other hand does get sympathy, for falling down the portaloo stairs and removing both her knees and the top layer of flesh on one of her thighs. That will be hurting now that the alcohol has warn off. And Casey has some kind of bug so she's all chucky, and so I'm glad I stayed home, because if I had gone I would be covered in blood and sick, and under arrest for multiple counts of murder and arson.

That said, if I was, I wouldn't be angsting so much over my next quilt. I've kinda had my heart on doing the nutmeg one now that it's all here, since it's been a while since I've quilted for planned personal use, but I just cant make up my mind on the design. I made one in paint, but the shades and the scaling are all wrong on the digital versions of the fabric, so it looks munted. It's a version of the pink batik, but with the diagonal in the centre instead of offset.

I've rearranged my order too since then, so it's a double graduation - it goes through the red/orange/green/black cycle twice, which I think will look a bit better. But since the colours are nothing like on the screen in real life, I'm not going to bother doing it again. Alternatively I can it like the original BlueGreen quilt, with the half bordered squares. Or do a wonky squares in boxes. Or a million billion other things.

The really ridiculous thing is that this should be one of my least pressure quilt tops. The seller has a heap more of these bundles so if I don't like the finished product I can just buy the fabric again and have a do-over. But I worry that that will put me off the fabric, so I'm sticking with loving it while worrying about it.

If it all becomes too much, I can make a start on Bob's quilt. 5 fabrics, super easy design, already sorted, stress free quilting.

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  1. Im liking the look of the autumn quilt but them Im kinda interested in what the wonky squares will look like, anyway Im sure it will be beautifull but not as nice as the green one = )
    Im glad you didnt go to the B&S there are a lot of stupid people that do a lot of mindless stupid things, I went to a B&S once and this dickhead was throwing tables into the crowd. No one was going to stop him because everyone was frightened of him. I didnt have a clue who he was but I knew it wasnt right to let him continue so I stormed up to him, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and told him it was wrong and dangerous what he was doing, I then marched him out side and told him to take some time out to think about it. When I walked back into the hall I got a round of applause. But those were the days when I was also a part time bouncer at the oatmill nightclub, not that anyone was ever violent but you just hoped that no one would hit a girl and it always seemed to work. As for Rebecca well .......nothing you can say really other than she is a very very silly girl.
    As for me and my weekend, I felt a bit trapped with a sick child so I loved having your company, Im holding your chicken strips hostage in the freezer so you have to come back another day hehehe-ha
    Also bought some fabric with Tillie, she picked some she wanted for christmas so Im going to make it into a photo/pin up board for her so I want that to be my next project but you know I still havent finished the old silly quilt or even started on the baby bibs and then I bought more fabrics to make bags with. What do you use for stiffening in your bags Sara? I think I want something more than interfacing but it needs to be washable.
    Anyway I must get on with life as it will soon be time to go to work and although Bobs is feeling better & watching Poko his sister is calling out to me.