Friday, September 3, 2010


In lieu of an actual post, can I just say this: If I ever decided to do 2-way-wonkyness again, can someone please bash me over the head and hide me in a corner until I come to my senses?

I ditched doing more work on dad's quilt in favour of making a start on the first mini quilt. Should have waited, done more thinking, realised how much work it would be to line up all those wonky corners. But can I say it wasn't my fault, it was Spotlight's, because I discovered today they have 254cm wide bamboo in there for $20 a metre, and I bought 1.5metres, (because split down the middle that's two cot size, and at $30 for two, seriously cheap) and it made me sad about how little I have done with flat batting lately (quilt cover is battingless, purple quilt is a cotton eiderdown in the middle, Ester's quilt was such a rushjob I can barely remember doing it) and how little of it I had in my immediate plans (more work on purple, and Mama Jan's quilt is also planned as an eiderdown middle, though I may well change my mind)

So yeah. This was the only project I had that was at the "can be started right now" stage, so I did. 

Also, I've done a lot of eBay shopping in the past few days. But this wasn't meant to be an actual post, so piccies can wait.

Oddly though, it was the no-brand fabrics that cost more than the Kaufman and the Miller ones. Weird.

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  1. Sara why not put velcro on the boat quilt.
    I have a magazine and some lollies for you,they may become a generic replacement for jelly tots