Wednesday, September 22, 2010

While it would be a nice to tell you all that it's in the bag, it's not.

It's on the curtains.

But it hasn't been washed, and I'm hesitant to state any quilt as a success until it's been washed. That's why the rainbow quilt is underneath the repeat-washed retro and bluegreen quilts. It's not so bad when it's mine, but I wouldn't give someone an unwashed quilt, because washing is pretty much an inevitability and I wanna make sure it works. All the horror stories about things falling apart/hideously shrinking/colours running etc. while washing that I heard while working at Spotlight keep me up at night, usually prewashing my fabrics in the hope it doesn't happen to me.

Speaking of Spotlight, I decided not to go there, and since I was at the post office anyway (nothing for me though) I decided I may as well go to Lincraft instead. I had planned on just getting some black homespun but they had new bundles in there (still full price, unfortunately) but with some pretty new fabrics.

The bundles at Lincraft are just random fabric fat quarters all tied together, there's 8 in a bundle and the regular price is $15. Even though they're American-sized fats (and usually quite wonky ones at that) it's still a fairly reasonable price if you like all of the fabrics you get. As a result, I usually spend a half hour or so carefully rebuilding my perfect bundles, and, since I'm a nice person, making sure all of my switched bundles are nice and neat and tidy. Evreyone knows me there (I did work there for a bit) and they know I do it, but the manager is an Auntie, and that helps.

I got 2 each of 5 fabrics in a purple/pink/brown colour way, which all match and feel very nice. I got possibly my new favourite-estest fabric, which is fluro rainbow hearts on black (I wish I had one of those purple lights, it would look awesome) and a couple of yellows and a couple of greens. They've all been washed already since I needed to wash the black for the binding anyway.

I've been having a very distracted day, which is probably why it took me so long to get finished. Whereas Sunday and Monday were serious, concentrating ten-hour-days, today has been more of a work for 20 minutes, then break for an hour thing. I've stopped to shop, I've stopped to read, I've stopped to cook, watch TV, check facebook, and I also stopped when this happened.

I've been ironing out the binding, and now I'm making sure all the corners have mitered the right way, but there's a lump under my fabric...

So I stopped and cooked myself some cow. It seemed like as good a time as any, though of course the smell made her climb out. But she's cute. If a little vicious. Also, she tries to eat pins, which is very annoying.

So anyway, sleepytimes now, before the big wash tomorrow. I'm sure it should be fine, but the uneven quilted distances in the panel are worrying me.

But I'm a worrier. I shall stop for tonight and go to bed.

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