Monday, September 13, 2010

What I have done...

So I went and got my haircut. I was all worried about the fringe but it has come out really nice, it is instead the back that I'm worried about.

It's short. like, super short. possibly my fault, since the photo I had was only the front, but still. I can put in a ponytail still, thank god, but only just. At the moment I have gone for piggietails, which look cute, And more importantly, hold down my new part.

I've always had a centre part and it's probably the shifting of it to accommodate a wispy fringe that has caused the most difficulty. It's only moved a centimeter or so to my right, but this, combined with the prevailing south-easterly winds means I can no longer walk in a westerly facing direction. It also feels a bit raw and I can feel a tingly sensation where my normal part is. It's a bit odd.

Naturally the nice flick out she gave it had disappeared within the hour - my hair doesn't take too well to being told what to do. But it's a lot lighter and a lot thinner, for all that I suspect I will have to learn to love my straightener again. We hadn't spoken in a few months, due to it's nasty tendency to create the type of static that causes mad scientists to shout "ITS ALIVE" while clawing at the air, but the girl said there were serums you can get to make it stop doing that. 

I got some new fabrics in the mail today so those, along with Thursday night's Spotlight shop, are in the wash at the moment. I'll be using the time to make myself some new headbands.

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