Sunday, September 12, 2010

What have I done?

I have long maintained that getting a fringe is a bigger commitment than getting married (it takes a year and a day to get a divorce, my last fringe took 18 horrible, horrible months to grow out), and that as a result you should have to give 30 days notice of your intent to get a fringe, so that you can be really sure you want one, much like you need to get a marriage licence a month before you can actually do it.

So why the hell did I say "me" when the lady came into the store tonight saying she needed someone to give a free haircut too? Apparently she's a 3rd year apprentice and needs to give people style cuts, and she works at Salon 7 which is where some of the aunts that don't get their hair cut by the hairdresser aunt go, and for whatever reason, I said yes.

Now let me make it clear that I'm not gunna get a straight cut fringe like I had when I was 4. That looked nasty then and I suspect it would look even worse now. What I'm more looking for is like that lady in numbers...

...who I much preferred to the lady who replaced her - I pretty much stopped watching it the season she left, and I haven't bought any of the DVDs after season 4. In looking for this photo I found out it just got canceled, but oh well. From the season synopses it seems to have become very soap opera-y anyway.

I'm sure having my hair this way will be much more high maintenance and involve actually doing my hair in the morning instead of just putting it into a ponytail, but hopefully the layering will make it a bit less thick and a bit less knotty. I'll also probably go a bit longer than that, try and keep as much as my current length as possible, so I can still rock the ponytail. I'm not gunna deny being lazy when it comes to hair.

And with regards to that, I guess I'm gunna have to go wash it now. Which means I'm not gunna get any fabric washing done tonight. Which is a shame.

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  1. Sara your hair looked beautifull today but as you said......anything can happen tomorrow.
    I also agree about the fringe, you can make a whole baby in half the time it takes to grow out a fringe.
    A hairdresser can make or break your life, thats why I only go every two years for a haircut.