Friday, September 3, 2010

Total sleep time still possible: 4hours 25minutes...

Casey has stolen my laptop to watch Psych, so I have scooped up Mum's tiny Dell to type this up, so that I can send it to myself, add the photos and post. Why the rush? Well, due to a flu that's going around Woolies at the moment, I'm the only open-trained supervisor available to work tomorrow morning. So I will be needing to wake up in about 5 hours or so.

How shit is that? The rules say that we need to be given a 10 hour break between shifts, but there's nothing about doing nights forever and then suddenly doing a morning. That said, the rules also say that if you are their only option, but you don't want to do it, but they need you too, you can demand double time and a half. It's just a shame I'm not a massive bitch, and that I understand that there's been 15% cut from frontend's budget in the last month, so I'm not gunna.

Anyway, I've got the top of the mini quilt done, and I freaking love it. Sure, there's quite a few points that leave a little to be desired, but I've already stated that wonkyness quickly turned out to be more difficult than it apeared in the paint document.

I ended up going for 4 by 6 because I scrapped the little end blue bits in favour of just adding them to the other fabrics, since that way I had 8 colours, and they could be split into four piles for 4 rows, so everything became easier.

I also realised tonight that I can get 2 clippy coathangers, and hang stuff on my curtain rod. Well, actually off my curtain hooks, since the rod itself is quite thick.

Yes, my curtain is a nasty browny-orange velour. No, I haven't trimmed the batting. But fuck me it's come out gorgeous. I wish I'd had more fabrics so I could do it bigger. I figure if you had 12 you could do an 8 by 6 fairly easy, since I still have enough 4-squares (well, 4-quadrilaterals, since they aren't right angled) to do another two rows down. I'll be using these for the backing, I think: I've got a piece of blue polka dot that I want to pair it with, but I'm still not sure exactly.

Probably won't get past my curtains for a few days though, as I only have tomorrow to finish the the boat quilt before father's day. I'm thinking of cheating and getting a strip of press studs from spotlight to do the bottom, since I kinda loathe doing buttons, but I'm undecided as yet. It'd probably cost me about $15, but it would save a lot of work. I probably will, since my bank balance has been strangely resistant so far to repeated fabric purchasing attacks.

Speaking of, here are the random bits that I only got because there's a couple there I want for Mama Jan's quilt, which I'm desperately in need of inspiration/motivation on.

Then there's the first batch I bought on the cheap from eBay.

I was looking for some more of the fabrics that matched the brown-bird fabric I posted about the other day and I found this seller who had 50% off a heap of her fabrics, ending the next day. So I bought 7 1/2 yards, cause that's what you can fit an an international pouch, but I didn't realise I had also put one of them in my watch list.

The next day of course, the ones that are left are 60-69% off. I'm not feeling bad about it, because 3 of the ones I bought the first night were her last bits, but of course I went and get another 7.

Most of these were between $3 and $4 a yard. 3 of them are Michael Miller, 2 Alexander Henry and a couple of randoms, but even if they were crappy fabrics that would be cheap*

And there's still a box making it's way from to shipito, where I will have to pay some more to get it sent on to me.

I will be ready to marry the post office in a couple of weeks time.

*Should I maybe go buy more?

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