Friday, September 17, 2010

This one's done, and now the (not) fun begins...

I spent the morning sewing, the afternoon shopping and the evening playing with a baby.

Also, I may have borrowed her cot for some more attempts at bloggy photos.

Normal ones first though.

For all that people have said they prefer what I call the back, or that it's really a double sided quilt, this is the side my quilting lines match, so, to my mind, this will always be the top. Last night I bought a roll of what is essentially overpriced, skinny masking tape, and it did help me keep my lines a lot straighter than on the bubble and squeak quilt. But still, $4.50 a roll seems a bit steep. 40% off helped though.

The back is a lot bolder, and quite a bit funkier, so I get that there are people who prefer it. I did the binding a bit differently to normal so I could have it wide on the back to match the lines and still narrow at the front. I didn't fold it double - just sewed it to the front as normal and then tucked it under and pinned and sewed it on the back. Because the quilting was 7.5mm off either side of my seams on the front, it was fine to have a border stitch that far out from the binding on the front without it looking silly. I sewed it from the back so I could be sure it all caught and looks neat and tidy on that side, and then I in the ditched it on the front as per normal, giving it two rows of sewing on the back of the binding, so I know it wont fall apart.

Due to a distinct lack of cute baby cots at my house, these photos were all taken at Helen's house. Every time I call in I seem to spend ages there hogging the baby, and I feel a little bad about it, so open letter to Helen: if you want me to go away, or give you your children back, just say so. Even though they are terribly cute, if a bit noisy, they are yours, and I'll give them back if you want them.

PS, Thanks for blogging :)

And on that not, an open letter to Kelsey: where is your blog?

And for that matter, where are the blogs of anyone else who reads this? Last post on my dashboard was 9 hours ago, and I need something to read.

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  1. Hey Sara, not bad photos, looking pretty good. I still think the quilts look better in real life than in the photos.
    Pissed off I just wrote a huge comment and something happened and it disapeared! BUMMER!!!!!
    You are welcome to come to my house any time, my babies are cute, I see the attraction, I used to spend heaps of time at everyones houses with all the babies so I understand, fact is I see ME in YOU so you should probably run like hell while you can still get away.
    Im always happy to see you, your new stash or the birth of a new quilt. I will ask you to leave when I have had enough of you. I rant and rave Im tired everyday but as Stephen pointed out last night I will still sit up until 12 o'clock so dont think Im hinting for you to go, I just like to comment how tired I am. My only request is that you dont spend the extra 60 cents on the red rooster chips unless you ask for NO SALT.
    Blog Blog Blog.......arrrh its all time consuming, I would rather read one than write one