Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is not a blog from the bog...

I must say, I'm loving The Mentalist right now.

I'd hired it a few months ago and put it on the laptop (shifty I know, but I did technically pay for a weeks viewing of it, and at no point did they say when that week of watching was) but hadn't gotten around to watching it because of shiny new episodes and DVDs of Psych and a whole host of other to-watch shows. But since the plot and synopsis for the two is the same (except that Psych is a comedy and The Mentalist is a drama) and yesterday my brain was all mushy but I thought it would be daft to fall asleep when it was only 5.30, so instead of putting on old Psych, which I can fall asleep during because I've seen it all already, I loaded the mentalist into Daemon tools and watched the first 8 episodes.

A few points - Simon Baker looks better with brown hair, so I've no idea why he's blond in this. Their big boss guy is played by the guy who was the dodgy president in 24, so even though he seems to be a good guy, I still find him shifty. They don't give enough time to the supporting characters. But that's a comparison to Psych, and therefore quite unfair. Apart from the lack of hilarity, it's pretty good.

Other things that are good include Jelly Tots, Kinder bars and Peppermint Dairy Milk rolls, but not the blocks, because the green-goo to chocolate ratio is wrong. Other things that are not good include my complete lack of motivation, my indecision about the backing for the mini quilt and the fact that the labels on the tubes of mini m&ms don't peel off cleanly.


Didn't get the boat quilt finished but Dad's have long been known to be distracted by the shiny wrappers of Turkish Delights and Crunchie bars. Spent the afternoon wandering around town looking for a very basic mp3 player, but the only basic (non ipod shuffle) one I found was $50 at Harvey Norman, and I'm not paying that much. Then it was an evening playing with (well, feeding) Ester, who is ludicrously gorgeous, and flicking through old quilt magazines with Helen. And now I'm home, and Honeycat is cross with me cause I wont feed her cause she's going to the vet tomorrow.

And my laptop is running svchost twice, so the coretemp is around 95°C when it should be in the mid-sixties, and I don't know which one to turn off.

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