Monday, September 6, 2010

This is not a blog from the bog either, but I'm headded that way shortly...

Honeycat went in and got speyed today (who knew it was spelt with an e?) and now, annoyingly, she an Babycat are hissing at each other. I'm hoping it's just because Honeycat wont play like she usually does, so instead of letting Babycat attack her she's just telling her who is boss in cat-speak. She's also licking like crazy, which I guess is good in that she's gotten rid of the patch of blood that was around the stitches, but I'm still a bit worried that she'll either tear them out accidentally or worse, on purpose.

Tonight, from what I know (I did work tonight, but I bought her home a few hours before I started, and also from watching them now) Honeycat has pretty much refused to do all of what the vet said. She said to only give her a little bit of food because she'd be nauseous from the anesthetic, but she wolfed down a pouch, then drank the rest of Babycat's milk, then ate what was left of Babycat's food. The vet said that she would want to be in a quiet dark room on her own, but she's in her usual spot now, and she was out in the lounge before I went to work. The only difference is in what she and Babycat are doing, with regards to her very much showing Babycat who is alpha-cat, and Babycat doing a lot of hissing about it.

Thankfully, I have tomorrow off, not only so that I can keep an eye on them both, but also because I didn't really achieve much today. I got a couple dozen fabrics washed including the blue polka dot I'm using for the back of the baby quilt, and I came up with how I'm gunna do it as well, but as for actual sewing, it was a bit of a bust. 

I feel good about getting prewashing done though, because I have massive fears that one fabric will shrink more than another when I wash them and ruin all my good work, especially since I set the machine to 40° and dry them in the dryer. I figure there's no point having something you cant use, and that means easy-to-wash. But it also means I cant get something started (or in this case, finished) till I've put a load in, put it in the dryer for 20 minutes, and ironed it all out. It's probably a waste of time for the most part, but it's one of those things where you know it's working by the fact that you don't have any problems. It's annoying, but I'd rather waste 2 hours prepping my fabric than waste 20 hours on sewing something that shits itself as soon as I wash it.


Time for a couple more episodes of The Mentalist. Hurrah for American TV, who can make an hour pass in just 42 minutes. British TV takes much longer to watch, which is good in that I get more Top Gear for my download, but bad in that I can watch less episodes in a night. Not that there are any episodes of Top Gear I haven's seen (okay, I haven't seen Top Gear of the Pops, but it's debatable whether or not this counts) but there are still 2 DVDs of The Mentalist season 1 I havent watched yet, so that's where I'll be if you need me.

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