Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stuff I'm cross about...

I just found out what the process pledges that I've been seeing mentioned in buttons here and there in the blogosphere means, and it turns out that I've been doing it all along. If I only posted about finished projects then posts would be few and far between, and if I'm not posting, when the hell would I be getting my cross on?

I'm cross at Mama Jan's quilt right now, for being really difficult and still unfinished. I'm cross at my camera, for going missing during the clean up (I'm confident I put it in one of my bags of important stuff last night so it should still be in one of them, but I'm not sure which one, and they have been topped up with more important stuff so they're kinda full now) and making me unable to post progress photos.

Basically, all my aside the ditch on the little blocks is done, and I've been doing a, frankly a teensy bit crap, sew around the edges of various things in the center panel. Progress was slow and difficult, and made me wish quite fervently that I could free motion, since I had to either swing the whole thing round or switch into reverse, where you can't see where you're going. So there's a bit of bunching, but nothing catastrophic, and mainly where I've zigzaged up and down in the grass area, where it just makes it look all swooshy. I could probably get away with stopping now, but there are some big spots without any quilting, and that makes me nervous. All of the people are outlined, as is the horizon and the tree, and I still need to do some rays around the sun, go around a few of the zebras and maybe do some wispy cloud shapes but in the same colour as the sky. If I could free motion, that thing that looks like a flattened stipple would be good, but I'll just make something up, as always.

Tomorrow though, as my arms ache from all the quilt rotating.

Oh, I've just remembered, I'm also cross about the massive pimple on the corner of my mouth. It really hurts and it wont die, no matter how much I scribble over it with the pimple killing pencil, which has killed 2 other pimples this week.

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