Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still on the phone...

Its been a lovely day. We went out to Patchewollock for the shoot, which soundsterribly redneck, but everyone there wa lovely and polite, and the only discussion of nasty things being done to animals, or people getting it on with cousins, was made by Jamie, who we bought up with us.

Sophie was who we were up to support, and even though she didnt win her grade, (she came second) she beat Sallads, who back in January psuedo-dated her for a few days, then the next night hooked up with some random trollop. So we were happy with that.

One thing I am noticing is how much Im missing driving. Its something I love doing, something that relaxes me and, in situations like this, something that makes me feel useful. An Im not doing it, and I miss it.

I also miss a real live internet. And apostrophies. And real sized keys.

Home tomorrow, and back to work too.

So good and bad there.

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  1. Sara jump into the drivers seat, what better time than now is it to learn to drive a manual. Its a bomb so it wont really matter what you do to it, it will probably still be ok. You will need to drive something when BJ goes to hospital for his operation.