Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something Something Something...

Well, it took a while, but my pile of fabrics have been washed, ironed and neatly folded.


Apart from sewing myself a couple of headbands, I haven really achieved anything. I got my hair cut, which I'm sure I will soon come to regret (my part is still aching. How? It's not even a real thing... it's a gap, an open space between real things...) I gave Helen back the bubble and squeak quilt, and showed it to Nanny at the same time. I wandered around town for a while - I said it was to look for a bookcase the right size, and I did look, if a bit half heartedly, but I couldn't have bought anything anyway as I have no money left. This is also annoying in that I finally got sent the invoice for a few more bundles I bought on eBay Friday night. But come 6pm tomorrow I will have plenty of money, so that's okay.

And of course I got the washing done, although annoyingly once again a fat quarter seems to have gone missing somewhere along the line. I know exactly what one it was, and it was missing when I reassembled my bundles. I remember shaking it out before putting it in the washing machine, and then it's gone. Because I took them all out in one big bundle I don't know that it ever made it into the dryer, but I have checked both, as well as on the floor, in with the other clothes and down the side of the machine.

I think it has gone to live with the socks.

Oh, I have just remembered, I got some work done on my version2.0 stubby holders. not much, since I cant seem to find any hand sewing needles, but a little bit.

That's something.

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  1. Is the fat quarter stuck to the top of the washing machine tumbler, spin it around slowly by hand and have a good look, our baby clothes get stuck there all the time because they are so small, I keep thinking the machine ate them