Friday, September 24, 2010


In the weeks following the breakup some 9 months ago now, I often found myself wandering around the house late at night. Sometimes I would open the fridge and sit in front of it, staring blankly for 5 or 10 minutes before moving on to a cupboard to repeat the process. I went from falling asleep in the dark and the silence to always having a movie or TV show playing as I fell asleep. I started with Top Gear, spent some time with the Monty Python documentary (The Lawyers Cut) and flirted with White Collar, all interspersed with Psych. The commentaries are the best, drifting off to sleep with a dozen voices having a friendly chatty laugh on you bedside table as you drift off.

BJ has blow a head gasket again. Hopefully not as catastrophically as last time, but still. He's 15 years old now. That's over 100 in dog years. Everyone seems to be thinking that maybe it's time to move on.

I would like maybe an around 2004 Honda Accord Euro. They're currently at the 13-18k range. I test drove one of Gazzards' once and it was really nice. It was blue, though I'm sure I'd have to get a different one.

I would maybe like a new Ford Fiesta. But it would have to be the current one. All the others are fuglies. The most basic ones are about 18k, but I'd want a zetec, which are about 21k. Or there's the econetic, which uses 2.7L per 100km. Suck on that, Prius drivers, with your hybrid drive returning you a pitiful 4.7/100 figure. (Nix that, I'd want the zetec. In the custom pink on the advert)

A 2005ish Ford Focus is around between 6 and 20k, but I've heard they can be even more unreliable than my Mondeo. Maybe that why some of them are so cheap.

There's 2002 Hyundai Tiburons on eBay for under 10k, though ideally I would like a 2004. That seems to be the year for nice looking cars doesn't it? I drool a little bit when I see a nice one on the road. Once, I saw one parked alongside the local Lamborghini, and I knew full well which one I preferred. There's a black one that's parked at the South Eastern a lot. I want it.

But if it's looks alone, than the new Kia Cerato, so long as it doesn't have that silly silver bit around the grille, looks like an even better version of the Accord that tops this list, though I've no doubt that it would be a gutless piece of Korean shit (although so might the Tiburon). It would cost about the same price as the used Honda, but have a 5 year warranty, meaning I shouldn't have to spend about 8 hours reading random blogs and trying to absorb someone else's life through bloggy osmosis, all because my car, which I love on par with my cats, has decided to die yet again.

On that note, may I suggest everyone who reads this go to the blogger dashboard, clicks on the tab that says blogs of note, and visit the blog called smacksy? Helen especially, since this lady's little boy is named Bob too. And don't worry, it's called smacksy because he couldn't pronounce snacks, not because she's a nasty kid-hittin'-lady.

P.S. Trying to absorb her life though the internet doesn't work. Even with a touch screen. It also hasn't worked on any of the other sites I've read through since 4.30 this afternoon.

P.P.S. The couch in the lounge isn't as comfortable as Casey and Becky taking turns falling asleep on it would make it appear. But I have become zombie Sara, and can't get up and go read on my bed.

P.P.P.S. When we cleaned out the boot I discovered a bucket of pink fairy floss from last year's show (so it's been in there 11 months). It is still completely edible, though this is not necessarily a good thing.

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