Monday, September 13, 2010

A perfectly valid waste of a night...

Designing name necklaces is something I consider myself to be very good at. It all started last year when Casey said she wanted one like Carrie in Sex and the City, but since Casey is an unusual name she was having a bit of trouble in town. I of course went on the internet, found a seller on eBay and asked then if they could send me images of her name in the various fonts they had available. They replied that they could do it in any font or - and here's the kicker - from a JPEG of the text.

So I found a font I liked (actually, I used the one that my touch screen handwriting-to-text converter uses) and, having discovered that the cursive version of that font isn't nearly as nice, became an expert at making names look pretty in all-connected-cursive. Casey got one, Maddy got one, Becky got one and so did I.

Then came the realisation that if they were working from a JPEG, they were just doing shapes, so we could do anything we wanted. Next up came converting logos into shapes that could work in silver. Lots of communication with the seller led to us discovering that we could do two layers, in two different finishes. I ended up with 2 of the RM Williams longhorns (I think I got one each for Casey and Becky, then I just kept them), Becky got the initials and Casey got the fancy one with both - The initials in brushed silver with a mini longhorn in polished on the top. A friend got her name with longhorns underneath them.

Okay, so, technically it's a copyrighted image. But there was no licensed alternative, and actually, I have to alter the buggery out of the images so they become suitable. The actual proportions are way too skinny to work when scaled down to 5cm wide, even more so at 3cm.

Tonight I finally cracked the signature logo. It's the old style logo - I prefer the modern ones but Casey really wanted the signature one. I haven't ordered any since February when I got some for Helen - Liz asked me to do one a while back for Kelsey's birthday (whoops, bit late now) but the seller put up their prices a few months ago so I haven't really been looking to get any more done lately.

Tonight I was going through my desktop folder which has all my important stuff in it (that and the download folder) A while back I got started trying to convert the wrangler horse into a logo, but it was proving quite difficult. Tonight, once I'd worked out that my photoshop cursor was broken because Babycat had pressed caps lock, I had another go and it came together perfectly. So I did one for Brad's niece that he asked for a month or so ago. (it was the final of Masterchef... how long ago was that?) So I had a go at the signature logo. It's a particularly tricky one...

...because of the weird angle and the near impossibility of getting the R, M and W to look nice on one line. I'll have to show Casey before I send it off but here's my finals, along with one for Kelsey (Hi) a couple* for me (My first one looks like it says Sard because they add little loops to the tops - that's why these have holes drawn into the design) and the one for Brad's niece.

Of course, getting these might mean I stop wearing my longhorn ones. It's strange, I would never have the longhorns on my car like my sisters do but I feel odd if I dont have them around my neck.

Plus, random people come up to me and beg me to tell them where I got them from. That feels good too.

*I'll probably only get one, but at the moment I cant decide which I prefer.

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