Thursday, September 16, 2010

No, I havent done anything...

Today I got no cleaning done.

But, I did...

Get 3 DVDs coppied
Get Honeycat's stitches out
Receive a bundle of fabric in the mail
Go on a hunt for raspberry twists
Pick Maddy up from school
Find raspberry twists at Badenochs
Maneuver a 3.7m diametre water tank into position
Climb in and out of a water tank to install the fittings
Make a 1m by 1.2m quilt top
Whip a bowl of cream
Go out to Jess' house
Catch up with Sophie
Eat all the raspberry twists
Get home after midnight without turning into a pumpkin

Which I think is about enough for one day.

Because we weren't planning on staying at Jess' so late I roughly pinned the top to the piece of batting right before we left so I could try get the backing done once we got home. But since we got home at about 12.15, I'm kinda tired, so it's all rolled up and it'll be getting put off till tomorrow. Also, I forgot to photograph it before it got rolled up. It's essentially the same as the bubble and squeak quilt adopted by Esther, but a row bigger on each side, and in these fabrics. Green is the big squares with pink and blue 4 patches.

My dream of a quilt in a day continues to be thwarted by people wanting to go somewhere and do stuff. But, to make it up to me, Casey has organised getting my muffler fixed. Which is good, as poor BJ (my mondeo) is 3000km overdue on his service, and spluttering a bit after the change to 2nd. The mechanic pointed out the crack in the muffler about 10 months ago, to give you a clue on how long we've been stalling on fixing it (and also a clue on how much less I've driven my car since the breakup, since it used to need a service every 4 or 5 months) and I've been putting off taking him back until that at least is fixed.

So tomorrow that'll be getting done, and I need to wash and then try to control my hair, and Casey and everybody are going to Flannies for a light afternoon sesh before dinner, and at the same time, the Spotlight quilt thing is actually definitely on from 3pm, though that seems hideously early, and also, I want to see if I can finish this quilt.

And I should try make more progress on the room cleaning thing at some point, lest I need to ask for another week off.

And Mama Jan's quilt needs to be started and finished in the next 10 days, since we are leaving for Rainbow mid-Saturday week.

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