Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mumble Grumble...

So at the moment I'm reading through what I could, I suppose, refer to as "bitchy" blogs. Loosely speaking, they are humorous blogs, usually about being a mum, putting up with kids, husbands, pets etc, and, occasionally crafting*.

Problem is, my mental voice (and subsequently, my typed out blogging voice) tends to mimic whatever it is I've been hearing a lot of. As a result, I'm having to work really quite hard to not be whiny and blame my mother for the fact that I didnt get to go to the post office today.

Because I've been on holiday for two whole weeks and even if my work clothes didn't get put in there till a week ago that's seven whole days for you to have washed them so that instead of having to wait till 5 so that they would be dry, I could have gotten dressed straight out of the shower and we would have made it into town before 5 and then you would have had time to buy me Red Rooster before I had to be at work and then I wouldn't have been hungry in my tea break and eaten 2 minute noodles which are making my tummy do nasty things right now. 

But that's a bit ridiculous because not only could I have quite easily washed them earlier on, or put them in as soon as I got home instead of an hour and a bit before I started work, and anyway they still weren't dry when I had to get dressed at 5, so I put on my backup ones anyway - The shirt with the holes so big the sleeves are practically detached, the jumper that's a bit too tight and emphasizes the fact that I've eaten nothing but raspberry twists this weekend, the pants the very low crotch and the coat that was covered in cat hair. But it's Monday. Monday night. Noone expects....

...Crap, it's Monday night. I missed Hellcats.

Now I'm really bummed.

*Read this. I don't knit, but it's how I've always felt about wearing something I've sewn.

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  1. Oh Sara you make me laugh
    You truely have a bad mother to dont you
    Loved the knitting blog.......very funny