Monday, September 20, 2010

It'd be cute...

...if it wasn't so freaking annoying.

Approximately 12 hours ago I started with this pile. At this point I had string pieced them and chopped them back up.

I've no idea how many that is. Originally this quilt was going to be done onto an actual single bed quilt I bought at the store, but since the purple quilt, done with the same stuff, has been tucked away unfinished, I decided it would be better for everyone if I just used regular batting, and since my math defaults itself to 120x150cm batting size I went for that, so there was a fair few left over. Depending on how I'm feeling once the actual quilting has been done, I might do matching pillows.

Anyway, I just now got finished on the top, after stopping for tea and then staying stopped for Big Bang Theory, Offspring and Married Single Other. Damn the fact that there's a TV in the loungeroom but not in my bedroom.

I cant quite remember where I put the red sheet I bought to use as backing, and moreover I'm quite certain I didn't wash it. I think it's in the tubs, but I can check tomorrow.

I'm very much hoping that I can get the quilting done tomorrow, and it would be great if I could get that and the binding done, though I'm being realistic about it. I've managed to get 2 very productive days out of the last 3 (yesterday being a fail due to a sister's netball grand final and feeling quite ill) so it's probably too much to ask for that my family leave me alone for another day. But if I can get it finished in the next 2 days at least, then I can try cram as much cleaning into Wednesday and Thursday as I can before we leave for Rainbow on Friday. I think the key will be accepting that I need to actually just give all the stuff I'm not using/wearing to the Salvos instead of going "nah, keep that, I can sell that on eBay" because I wont. It will just sit around, taking up space, until my room gets this full again and the cycle repeats.

Should I go into work tomorrow and ask for another week off? It'll still be school holidays, so they'll have plenty of teenyboppers wanting hours... 

I'll decide tomorrow night.

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  1. Its looking good Sara, I will be very interested to see this one finished because its not like one you have made before.
    THROW THINGS OUT???? well you know what you have to do......but seriously how does one do that?
    Its a lot easier to say than actually do so good luck with that.