Friday, September 10, 2010

Is that the time already?

Got called in to work today which kinda ruined it for me - they wanted me to do 10-6 but I told them I could only do 10-3 because I had Spotlight's Christmas quilt night to go to, only for me to show up at 6 and find out that, as with last time I was planning for one of these things, it's next week. Still, the spend-$100-save-$40 voucher I got in the mail was useable, so I bought enough fabrics, batting, and cotton to do another 4 baby quilts, as well as a heap of other random stuff. Then, because I was cross at myself for being so shit with knowing what the hell is going on, who am I, where am I etc etc, I wandered around town scowling at people and buying more shit I didn't need.

Helen, I have a heap of hairclips for you. They were on chuckout for a dollar a pack at the reject shop and they're plain goldtone snapclips. They don't have a hole though, so they might take more gluing than normal.

As well as hairclips, I bought a copy of Portal, because one day I might get around to playing it, and also because it made the guy behind the counter come up and flirt with me (I scowled at him) and an mp3 player, despite the fact that I got one for $10 on eBay last night, and this one was $30. I was feeling bummed, and cant be held responsible for any purchases made. I held back from going into Cotton On, because 75% of the stuff (all the clothes and shoes and accessories) in that shop make me scowl even on the best of days, but I simply cannot resist the fact that they have notebooks for $2, especially as I have bookmarked a tutorial for a really cute quilted cover, which has already led to me purchasing 12 of the damn things for one day when I get around to it. So I went to the plaza instead, and I wandered around Kmart, scowling at people, then I went to KFC, where I was going through drivethrough, so there wasn't too much human interaction. Which was nice. 

But I did learn something interesting tonight - if you push the tip of your tounge on the back of your top teeth, you cant really smile. It's not so much a scowl as a "you are too unimportant for me to bother with any expression at all" face, and it's good for walking past the mobs of teenyboppers at the plaza. Also, being better than them in every single way helps too. See, even when I'm feeling bummed I manage to still feel awesome. That kind of multitasking can only be achieved by someone who both quilts and owns a small kitten.

However, before all my self loathing/moral superiority kicked in, I decided that what I really needed to do tonight was make another baby quilt. I picked some stash (I know, Oh my god, Are you okay, etc etc) and started chopping 10 squares at 21.5cm of one fabric and 20 each of two fabrics at 11.5cm. I think it's called a disappearing 4 patch or something but basically every second one is a 4 patch. Final squares are 20cm so its 80cm by 100cm big.

I didn't really think through which blocks go where - there's not the hugest amount of contrast between the two fabrics in the 4 patch and the big stripe blocks unfortunately have become a bit wonky during quilting - I did either side of the seam on the 4 patch but I had no actual line to follow when it hot to the wrong way of the stripe, and the pins I put in to help with the guesswork have made it bunch up a bit. Still, I got it designed, cut, pieced, basted and quilted in about 6 hours, but I cant really be bothered binding it tonight. Instead of watching stuff on the laptop as I was working I had the new mp3 player on, and due to the absence of a clock on it, I didn't realise it was 1am already, so that can be done tomorrow.

This is the back and I really like the diagonal line. I would have done it straight but then I would have had to try line it up with the other lines - now I've found out I actually prefer the effect created by having it on the angle. I think next one I might try something even more along these lines - a kindof freeform assembly of the blocks instead of right angles in a grid. Wasn't that the point of these little ones? To try shit out?

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  1. Sara I just LOVE this little quilt its funky and beautifull at the same time, I think its the circles that do it for me. I found some shoes on ebay similar colours and big circles on them, Im going to have to buy them for Esther cause she said she liked them.
    I wondered if you knew the Spotlight thing was next week. Never mind, thats two weeks in a row you can get excited about the same thing. HELEN