Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm not liking this "working" thing...

My much searched-for "Spring to Life" Mingle bundles arrived today, still looking like bundles, so no chance for me to spend a half hour refolding them and getting a good lookie innie, but that's okay. I'm not gunna start anything with them straight away, since I need to make some more progress on a DVD player case for one of the girls at work, who has boys, and therefore picked a blue fabric with cars on it.

Now, I like cars (actually, gimme a sec, I need to go download that new episode of Top Gear... done) but these are not particularly nice kinda Nascar-y ones. And the background is a nasty navy. I like pretty fabrics, but I understand that boys don't. Even worse, it's up to a bit with hand stitching, which is the other reason I stopped.

Still, I had better start it again soon, since she's going on holiday on Monday and that's when she needs it for.

But I really don't like hand sewing.

In other news, Helen, do you think Poppy would lend me the Falcon for a couple of weeks? Becky says it's an auto...


  1. Sara regarding cars to drive not sew, you can only ask, he can only say no. He knows your not Rebecca so you have a pretty good chance he says yes.
    Regarding those other fabrics from the other nice lady you have been raving about, do you need me to order you something and pay for it and you can pay me like a layby only you get the goods early cause I understand the need to have these things especially when you find them and then you need the money for something else. She actually has a couple of very pretty fabrics that I also liked but wouldnt buy on my own without you also purchasing something. Of course I dont really need them either.
    I was bummed yesterday, went to Spotlight to get some studs for the new quilted bib and also bought some more bias binding for the edging, $25 later feeling pretty pleased I actually got a minute to sneak in there and get them, only to find them advertising on the TV last night that everything is 20% off today. Shit...bum and bugger....I hate that when that happens.

  2. Well, I don't actually *need* need them, and anyway if I did buy them they would no doubt sit on my gunna pile with everything else for an extended period of time, so it was just a sooky little whine I felt like having, because the world was actually forcing me to do the right, sensible thing for once. I'm doing full hours this week at least so I should have enough money come payday to jettison some of it in to funner stuff, though whether I get a full box or just an envelope of it remains to be seen.

  3. Well if you decide to do an order can you do it at my house and I might get some to. I asume you are coming Saturday