Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have a Cow Headache...

I have always suffered quite badly form cheese headaches, which you get from eating (obviously) too much good cheese. Now however, for the first time, I have cow headache.

After I left Helen's tonight I went to woolies and got the garlic bread I had randomly been craving, and it was nice, if a little skint on the garlic (there was lots of bread to make up for it) but, a couple of hours later, I decided that what I really wanted was some shredded cow. Shredded cow, by the way, is beef sizzle steaks from woolies chopped up into strips. Basically it's yiros meat, the proper stuff, not the stuff carved of those meat spindles. That stuff looks gross. This is just beef a few millimetres thick and a centimetre or two wide, by maybe 5cm long. Shredded Cow.

It's good shit. I was veggie for a while (mainly due to one of my Nans having pet sheep and cows - I felt bad that I was eating their friends) but I get that my body wants red meat sometimes, so if I feel like it, I buy a pack (they're about $5) and I eat half. That's enough for me, sometimes I will have it with lettuce (I like lettuce) and I'll feel good, not only that I've given my body what it wants, but that I've done what my body wants. Like I'm in touch with my inner nutrient-level-checkers or something.

Tonight however, I was in a bit of a hurry, because it's late and all, so I decided I would just cut them up with a pair of $2 scissors (I have a lot, because Maddy steals them so I go buy more) instead of fiddling around with a knife (I have to cut all the fatty bits off. They're chewy and I don't like them) and it was really easy so I cut up about 6 slices instead of 4, so I ate too much, and now I have cow headache.

In other news, the mini quilt is in the dryer, drying off (as you would) and once its done (well, actually it will be done in an hour or so, but I'm going to be now becasue I start at 8.30 - I actually mean tomorrow afternoon) I'll take some pretty photos of it before I give it back to Esther. She could well turn into more of a spoilt-with-handmade-stuff-brat than Maddy is.

Ah well, I know Helen appreciates it at least. It seems only fair though, since she taught me how to do most of it. I suppose its good that she taught me sewing and crafting and all that, but I also learnt how to buy unnecessary amounts of fabric (only spent $15.50 today*) and hoard stuff and make things and then not know what to do with them.

Ah well.

*no, that's not true, I also bought 3 bundles on eBay just now, but one of them is to do Casey's Christmas present, and all up they've come out quite cheap, because I'm fitting 3 bundles in one flat rate envelope, but I haven't actually paid for them yet, so I don't know that it counts.

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  1. Sara Im not sure I can take the credit for teaching you to make quilts etc, you were very gifted already, admittedly I did show you a few things when you were little but you always out did me and mastered each technique better than I could do. I do appreciate what you make, there is a lot of skill in just putting colours together let alone cutting piecing, building, batting, binding and actually finishing something. Your absolute passion and skill amazes me everytime I see what you have made and it makes me proud. Esther has been a long time in the making, (one of my two finest projects) I hope she dosnt turn out to be a brat but rather someone who appreciates all the lovely things people do for her, if she does turn out to be a brat then I will blame it on you. By the way I dont think I taught you how to buy unnecessary amounts of there such a thing?? However....hoarding and making things you dont know what to do with does sound a bit like me but I think thats in or genes so its probably your mothers fault & her mother before that & her mother before that. Sorry thats as far back as I go as I dont know any mothers before Nene, however Nana Marie also had the same problem so you got a double wammy from both sides in the gene pool.
    So really none of this is our fault at all.
    PS maybe Spotlight and the internet has a lot to answer for though. = )