Monday, September 27, 2010

Home safe...

...And glad to have chips, juice and a wireless internet connection again. Not that I didn't have juice or chips while I was away, but things are always nicer at home.

Unfortunately, my car hasn't magically repaired itself, so I cant run into town and go to the post office, to see if any of the 3 packages due any day now have arrived. But also unfortunately, I have to work tonight (5.30 start) so I suppose I can get someone to take me in early so we can get there before they close at 5.

I'm getting a fairly big urge to start making stuff again too. Nothing too big just yet, while I get in the swing of working a real job again, but I'm sure I can think of some mini projects. I've got a shelf full of notebooks I'd like to make some pretty covers for, and Helen has been having a go at some patchwork bibs, which also look like something interesting to have a go at. But then again, something I get in the mail might inspire me to bigger and better things. There's the purple and green mingle bundles coming in one pack, the same fabric in red white and black coming with a blue and brown bundle and a red white and blue bundle, and the box from, which, among other things, includes more fabrics to add to the autumn nutmeg bundle I got a while ago. So there's plenty of combos that i could put together in quilts.

Also, I kinda wanna finish Dad's cover and the purple quilt, just so they're not hanging over my head.

Whatever I end up doing, it's good to be home.


  1. Hi glad your home safe, sad you have to go back to work. You should at least give the rule a go of finishing an old project before you start another one.
    Are you and Casey still planing on coming over tuesday afternoon?

  2. Casey says sometime a bit after 3 ish. Which I suppose I'm going with, since I have no other means of getting to your house. Dunno whether or not Maddy will come too :/