Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinner Break...

For something I so very much didnt want to have to do, I've made a huge amount of progress.

That said, I've worked on it for probably 6 solid hours today, to get it to the point where it's now in 7 pieces (6 strips of squares and the panel.)

I had decided to randomly put in squares of a miniature version of the panel, and then today when I was revising the maths I decided to do them as a kind of speckled border.

Here's my confusing little paint document that I was using.

Basically the green bit is the panel, the yellow bits are the little prints and the white is just random red squares. When I quilt I like to sew it into pairs, and then sew those pairs into squares, and then pair and square again. I don't like doing strips, because I worry that it will warp and stretch out of shape, so I try to keep my bits as square as possible. This time though, after I'd done about 20 squares, I realised that it wouldn't quite work, so I went back to the math. the big squares were where I used those squares, and because the prints were already paired to the left of red squares, I had to work out how to fit them. The cats were fortunately entertaining themselves outside leaving me with free reign of the floor, and the little lines are what I had worked out I could put into pairs and string piece... once I had gotten that much done I was in the swing of it so I wasn't as worried about marking stuff off any more. The other big help was that the red pairs were bi-directional - I could align then vertically without issues and squeeze then into the awkward spaces caused by the print squares. But I still had to get them into big rectangles I could join together, and I've ended up with this.

But I've had to stop now, because the cats have come inside and Mum wanted the kitchen to cook tea. Not that I can eat any of it, as my throat is still shredded and food tastes weird. So I figured I'd blog while they ate and get back to it once everyone's left the lounge.

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