Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deep breaths now, come on...

I think I'm gunna fall asleep. I got 2 hours last night, and work was stupidly, ridiculously busy, and I stayed back for an hour, and then Mum and Nan were in shopping, so I was wandering around with them, then I had to go to Spotlight, to get some more of the blue spotty fabric and a long bit of zip, because I've decided to put a zip at the end of Dad's thing, as the press stud thingies are too expensive and I actually can't stand velcro. Don't know why, it just irritates me. And then Mum wanted me to get her some plastic tablecloth while I was there, but she was a bit vague with what kind so I just got a roll in case it was the wrong stuff so she could take it back, then I went to Nanny's cause it's across the road from netball and I was hoping that Casey's game was nearly finished so Mum would come over and tell me whether or not I had the right stuff so I could take it back, or not, and Nanny gave me a quilting magazine so I read it and then it was 4pm and Mum wasn't there and there was no point me hanging about any more because Spotlight would have been closed (actually now that I think about it it's Saturday so they are open till 5, silly sleepy brain) so I went to KFC because it's the weekend so it's okay and then I came home and ate it and now I'm (still) sleepy.


Um, trying for coherency now, I doubt that dad's quilt will actually be finished, since my brain has too far out of my ear for me to be able to finish a sentence, let alone a quilt. There's probably only 2 hours to go on it (an hour or so to do the second quilting, and another to set the zip in the bottom and sew and oversew around the edges. But it's all a bit much right now. I need sleep.

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