Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Don't you hate it when you find a truly wonderful seller online, who not only has ridiculously good prices, but also responds quickly, packs your items in the cheapest way possible, charges you the same for postage as what the post office has charged them, and posts super super quickly?

No, you probably don't, because when you find a seller like that, you're all "woohoo! this seller is awesome! maybe they don't have a huge range, but I don't care. What they have is so nice, and so cheap, that I'll take two of every bundle they have. Hell, some of them I'll take 3. It would almost be a crime not to stock up on such nice, pretty, well priced fabrics!"

I on the other hand, don't get to buy anything new for probably the next 4 weeks, which is about how long its going to take to earn enough money to get my car fixed, as well as how long I have to wait till it can actually get into the mechanic. Which is fortunate I suppose, since part two cant happen without part one. But still, no more fabric buying for me.

At least I have stuff still arriving, including these today, from the aforementioned seller.

Robert Kaufman, "Mingle" in "Newspaper"

Robert Kaufman, Nautical Stash Stack

Robert Kaufman, Cherry Cordial Stack Stash

The thing about all these bundles is that, in order for the postage to be so cheap, the seller has to take them all apart and refold them nicely so they'll fit into a flat rate envelope. And that takes work. It's the kind of thing that the people at, for instance, cant be bothered doing, which is why their international shipping is so freaking high. Of course it means that at the other end I have to reassemble the bundles, but that's worth the $15 or so it's saved me in postage. I'm actually quite good at it.

Anyway, here's an open letter to anyone selling fabrics internationally on the internet. Be considerate. Think about what you're doing. If it's something nice for the person who's buying it, they might really like you and buy more from you, or tell everyone who's reading it to go and buy some stuff from you*, because you are so awesome.
On the other hand, you can be like, and have a massive range and fabrics at $3 per yard, so that I put up with the fact that postage costs me more and it takes your packages a month to get to me. But the thing is, I wont be saying nice things about you. Your staff are rude and your postage pricing scheme unfair to international buyers.

I much rather buying things from and supporting the small-scale fabric sellers on eBay and etsy. This week though I have to support my local small-scale mechanic, because the big dealership service centre didn't even notice that my catalytic converter had disintegrated...

Still, 2 more packages of fabric, plus more rotary cutter blades, and the next set of custom necklaces, including Kelsey's slightly late birthday present, are on their way.

If only I could get to the post office to get them.


*but seriously everyone, don't buy it all, because I want for there to be some left when I have money again, so that then I can buy lots more, mainly of the Autumn Nutmeg and the Mingle in the Blue/Brown/Orange I used for the wonky quilt, so that I can make a bed sized version of it....

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