Saturday, September 11, 2010

A blog from on the bed (actually, about 95% of them are)

Having discussed with Helen my tendency to peruse the internet while enjoying the comforting solitude of the loo, it seemed only appropriate that I read her lovely comment while sitting in the bog at work, while hiding from co-workers trying to tell me about how much alcohol they plan on consuming tonight, or how their mum wont let them sleep in the same bed as their boyfriend, because "she was having sex at 15, and I'm 16, so I should totally be allowed..."

No, you're still a kid sweetheart. You should think boys have cooties, and be sleeping with a stuffed toy, not a fella.

Anyway, it's nice that someone else thinks that the things I make are as nice as I think they are. I've probably become a bit up myself about it, because I love some of them so much, but I do still wory that some people wont like them as much as I do. I look at the wonky quilt, in spite of the fact that some points are more than 5mm off, and in spite of the fact that it's too small for me to really use for anything, and I think, shit, I made that. Me. Noone helped, or showed me how to do it, or did the design for me. I came up with it all by myself, and that makes me awesome. And now, or more specifically later, when the nagging doubt creeps in, that my fondness for the wavy stitch and my unwillingness to put in the effort of in-the-ditch makes me a lazy sewer, that my inability to free-motion means I'm not a real quilter, or that the occasional bad tension coming from my sewing machine for no apparent reason means I'm unfit to show anyone anything I've made, I can read that comment, and feel good.

Actually I've been pretty lucky to have come from a family that gets the effort that goes into this sort of stuff. Both Nans knit, Nanna Joy at a much more prolific rate, but Nanny Ella has spread herself out over a whole lot of other crafts: I imagine its much harder to knit a new toy every 3 days when you're also trying to complete a couple of tapestries, or pulling little holes in bits of fabric. Truth be told, I don't really have the patience for any of that stuff. But they all make things, and they know that we are our own harshest critics, and they humour me by letting me go on and on about all the faults in an item, but without really listening. Sometimes, when it takes me a few minutes to find the mistake I've been going on about, they laugh at me. This is of course the correct response.

Anyway, now that I've blathered on for a bit, photos.

It came up nice after the wash. I was a bit worried, having not pre-washed the fabrics, but they were all the same range, so I figured they would be fine, and they were.

First of course is the standard "front of quilt" shot.

Next, and also standard, "back of quilt" shot.

Next up we move into exciting territory. Me, having ago at "quilt blog style" shots. I'm not that good at them - since the Sony T20 debacle I'm back with my trusty old Kodak, in my bedroom, at night. The lighting isn't great, and I cant be arsed photoshopping.

It's all very nice, but I'm worried that having the blue-green quilt as a base makes the photo too busy and is therefore breaking some kind of blog-photo violation. But I lucked out on folding it up in such a way that you only see nice neat seams. That was good of me. Next time I might get up off my arse,* go down to the kitchen and take it on the nice hardwood table, though I think that rustic driftwood would be better, and make me look like I live somewhere much more exotic than I do.

This seems to be a little more like some of the ones on the proper blogs, the ones that have sponsors and giveaways (not gunna, cause I cant help but think they're just a cry for comments.)

Nevermind. Photos arent the be all and end all, though I do feel a bit bad about the fact that people actually sit down and read my drivel. That said, they're showing Princess Diaries 2 on TV tonight for the 43 billionth time, so it's not like there's anything better for y'all to be doing. You could go wash your hair like Babycat is doing. You could blog like me...

On that note, Helen, you should totally blog. I'd read it.

*earlier, spellcheck was fine with arsed but now, without the d on the end, it's no longer acceptable. Silly spellcheck**
**spellcheck: also not an accepted word.


  1. You are up yourself Sara but why should'nt you be... its well deserved.
    I cant comment on Nanna Joy's craft but I know Nanny Ella knitted a lot more when we were little, she also sewed all our clothes and kept us in knitted jumpers & cardigans for years, Im not sure that she ever had patterns either she just did it instinctivly. Having said that....the crochet doileys she does is also done without a pattern, I personally think she is fucked in the head doing it, dont get me wrong, its beautifull but even I draw the line at tying holes & knots together. Probably because I have absolutly no idea how she does it.
    Her beaded tapestries are also a brilliant invention of hers and are to be admired, I have great respect for my mothers craft as I know I will never be as clever as her.
    By the way Sara we laugh at your so called mistakes that no one will ever see or care about because we see ourselves in you, YES we are our own harshest critics arnt we.
    Nice Bubble & Squeek quilt photos, when are we getting it back? You should bring it into work and show Nanny.
    You can keep it a bit longer if you need to, I understand the show and tell thing & sometimes you just need to touch and hold.......I totally get it!
    Janene and Susan came to visit today and Janene asked to see Esthers quilt, they both loved it and Susan asked if you would be interested in making one for her. See we arnt the only two people that appreciate pretty well made things.
    PS... What the hell would I blog about

  2. I folded it all up neatly and even made a matching tie for it this morning and I was gunna pop in with it after work tonight but, halfway into town, I realised I had left it on the bed.

    So, if I remember, I will pop in with my new haircut tomorrow. Will you be at the workshop till lunch? I doubt it will take 2 hours to get my hair done but it might... I'll message you.

    As for what you could blog about... it's not like anything truly momentous is going on in my life. I've even let my cats blog for me. You have small children, get them to bash on the keyboard. This all appears to be random drivel but somehow I have readers in other countries... why I'm not entirely sure, and I do feel a little bit bad that they keep putting in the effort despite the fact that I haven't even found the book with the patterns in it, let alone scanned them or started writing them up, but maybe they like drivel. I follow blogs that talk about less. And it appears that the googlegods have already given you a blog. you should take it as a sign...