Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

One again, I don't appear to have achieved much today. I hand sewed the new stubby holder so that it's a nice neat tube now, but I still haven't got the top or the bottom sorted out yet. the bottom of the original was the bit I was least happy with, so it's gunna take some thinking before I make a real attempt. I'm fairly sure it will need to be handstitched, but I'm not sure what to what.

Yes, the other one is filled with kinder bars. I like them.

Because the first one was done around and around the top and bottom bits were already there. I'm fairly sure I'll have to machine the top binding to the inside and then do it by hand on the outside, and I'm still not sure about the bottom. I have seen open ended stubby holders but they work much better with plenty of stretch (they are usually made of wetsuit material) and even though this one fits perfectly, I would still be worried about the can falling out of the hole. I'm thinking a loose binding to cover the raw edges and also to give me something to sew the base too, and maybe a yoyo for actual base. Not that I know how to make yoyos.

I also got 4 bags of mixed stuff out into the shed, not that it's made the room look even slightly cleaner, and I'm considering getting some more tubs from woolies now that I have money again. I've also found the pattern book, but the scanner persists in being at the other end of the house, so I will persist in not scanning them. Sorry.

In spite of the cuteness of that picture, I'm feeling a bit glum. I'll be on eBay if anyone wants me, shopping my way back to happiness.


  1. I have some ideas on doing the base, it involves a plastic disc covered in fabric, if you want it to fold flat you could do the disc in two halves. You can also just put a cosmetic binding around the bottom just to make it all look pretty. Sara how is it that you dont know how to make a yoyo?
    I bought a baby change table today that was on ebay but not on ebay, I know that sounds odd but I had asked the seller a question & she didnt answer, then I missed the bidding....bummer....then she emailed and asked me if I still wanted it because she would still sell it to me and deliver it for me, she was from Kongorong so I spent the afternoon putting it together.
    Mmmmm I wonder what you will be buying on ebay?

  2. I want this


    But I cant find it.


  3. Oh yes Sara they are beautifull, at least you have something on your wish list of things to look for.
    I get very bored when there is nothing Im looking for on ebay. Its the thrill of the chase for me.