Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yes, or nu, nu, nuh, No? (it's a Meatloaf reference)

The dollar is still improving, and that makes me happy.

There was no fabric in the mail today and that made me sad.

But Lincraft had 50% off fabric today.

But it was 1 metre minimum cut, so I only got 2 fabrics (a rainbow to stash and a green and blue stripe for backing)

So I guess that's a draw then.

In other news, I've done the quarter blocks for the bluegreen quilt (which is number 6, due to Mama Jan's barely started quilt already having gotten a number) and I'm trying to sort out the design. I originally had a regular repeating one that looked very nice in my blue and green paint document, but in the real world, in 15 different fabrics, it wasn't so good.

So I'm trying to sort out a randomized pattern, but randomness has never been a strong point. I fluked it with my first quilt, but a) there were hundreds of squares left over and b) there's parts of it where I wish I'd done stuff different, to the point where I'm not even fond of looking at it too closely.

Here's how it is so far, out on the lino.

Not a great photo, since in real life it's way brighter, and for some reason, the green is way more prominent, so prominent that Casey has referred to it as "snotty".

I've shifted bits here and there for the two hours, but I'm still not entirely happy. There's one fabric that's used twice as much as the rest, and it's hard to not get it next to itself. I've got it down to one touching corner, but the blocks aren't the same, and that's the main thing. Every time I decide to move one bit I end up moving a whole heap, so at some point I'll have to suck it up and just go with where its at now.

In other news, I'd kill for some apple juice. But I wouldn't drive into town and go to the servo for some. Why is that?

Actually, maybe I will. I'm not working tomorrow. I can do what I want. I'm not 27 anymore (that's a psych reference, it being Thursday and me having a new episode and all) so maybe I will.

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