Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why nothing was sewn tonight...

While our parents are away enjoying the lovely Queensland weather, there has been three early20s girls living in this house, including a compulsive cook. Thus...

This is pretty much every glass (most are already in the sink here) plate, bowl, frypan, saucepan and mug in the house. In the middle is a bowl full of cutlery. And this on the week I'm going fast-food free.

The compulsive cook is also a compulsive nail biter, so she's not really fond of doing dishes (is anyone?) The deal was, I'd do them if she chopped some wood (I weigh 44kg, it's not my fault I cant do it) and lit the fire before I got home, and by the time I'd done all the necessary internetting, it was 1am. The perfect time to do the dishes. The perfect time to do anything, really.

Unfortunately, I got a bit low after the second load (first load, glasses, 2nd load, flat plates) so I stopped for some freshly grated parmesan.

And then, obviously, I had to wash the plate. Again.

And there was no delicious soft drink left in the fridge :( So I had some lettuce.

I like lettuce :)

In other news, I have changed my preferred super power, from copy and paste to the full photoshop suite. Copy and paste gives me access to endless supplies of money, coke and fabric ( cause once you have one you can replicate it as much as you need) but I need that bandaid tool in the real world. Copy and paste will not get rid of the pimple that has appeared the day before I'm due to meet my future husband.

And just for the record I'd use my copy and paste powers for good too, stopping in at the blood bank and organ donor warehouses once a week to boost their stocks. I'm a giver. But not of my own blood. They wont let me, cause I'm not fat enough.

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