Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ugh... So... Tired... Must... Finish...

Quilt # 3 is finished but for tying off my little bits of thread. I'm feeling a bit naff now that I said I was giving it to Kylie's baby, because I really do like it, and, naturally, want to keep it. It looks like a proper quilt, not that the others don't, but it has angles, and wavy stitching, and is very cool.

Have had a shuffle around in the bedroom, got the proper sewing cabinet in here, though the height adjuster still terrifies me - It's been at least 3 months since last time and the little bruise is still under my thumbnail. Damn thing is vicious.

Also realised that I quite much prefer the free arm to a completely flat sewing surface (there's a plastic thing you put in when the arm is level with the bench - so you can free motion I suppose) because it gives you some air space to grip your fabric properly. But that is just my opinion.

And now I have to tie off my little threads (9 lots of them, due to the slightly awkward path I had to sew around to get all the big seams) and wash it before I work out how I'm gunna get it to it's new home. They're giving her the rest of her presents tomorrow morning, but I really want to wash it before it gets passed on, as I've no idea how the bamboo will hold up in a wash. There was no info on the label on how far apart it could be quilted before there would be shifting - each point of the stars is about 8" from point to centre by 5" wide, and the internet said that there were other bamboo battings claiming you could go 8" between, so I'm hoping this one is okay. Nonetheless, I will be testing it, on cold and drying it naturally, just to make sure, since I don't want to give it to them, have them ooh and ahh over it, then have it shit itself on its first wash.

Annoyingly, Honeycat at this moment is sitting on it, probably to get back at me for making her get off the keyboard while I typed this. Babycat has opened his eyes, but I'm getting worried about the size of his belly and the fact that I still haven't seen any babypoop.

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