Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Story So Far...

It's been a busy few days, thus the lack of posting, but here's a brief catchup.

The future husband didn't come to Jess' party, but I spent the night on a Jelly Tots induced sugar high, so I had a blast.

Babycat is now sleeping IN my bed. Usually with her head on my pillow. Honeycat has reverted to sleeping exactly where I would like to put my knees.

The Blue/Green quilt has been designed, cut and arranged neatly so the first bit of string piecing is ready to be fed through the machine.

The camera from eBay still wont work, and the seller is being useless, telling me to go in to Bing Lee (not in South Australia, love) or David Jones (not in a small town in the middle of nowhere, love) because they sold them. 2 years ago. Instead, I have to wait for mum to get back on Friday so that she can go into camerahouse and get them to look at it, because I'm on record as wanting to firebomb their employees. And that could be awkward.

Finally, the Soiree bundle that I liked on eBay got put down to 10% off, and the dollar is back around 87c on Paypal, so I bought it. $102 all up, so $2.82 per f/q.

Still no sign of either fabric.com's massive delivery to me or the smaller one via shipito, but I'm in no hurry, as I'm back off to work now.

Once I detangle Babycat from the back of my shirt.

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