Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sick of it. Literally.

I've had enough of being sick.
I've had enough of that little muscle stitch just below where my boobies meet.
I've had enough of coughing up little chunks of nasty stuff, unexpectedly, and on things (books, keyboards, floors, couches etc.)
I've had enough tissues shoved up my nose.

But the WORST thing about being sick...

...is not going to the post office.

And it's not even that I'm waiting on fabric. Well, I am, but its not due till next week at the earliest. What I am waiting on, is lollies. From England.

Now I'm not a huge lolly fan. I'm too impatient to eat so called "sweets" which in Australia is basically something you have to suck on till it dissolves, and "lollies" are usually chewy, and I abhor having stuff stuck in my teeth. I do however, have a few exceptions.

I like orange mentos. And it's not hard to fob the pink and yellow ones off on people.

I like green fruit sticks. And it's not hard to fob the pink, orange and yellow ones off on people.

I like raspberry twists. But the only place I know that sells them is the cinema, and going there occasionally for a bag is a bit weird. My sister tells me they have them at netball too, but that place took away half of the outside of my knees in just 10 games, so I don't really want to go back there.

The lolly that I used to like more than any, was something called Jelly Tots. Essentially, they were just miniature sugar coated jubes, about 5-6mm across. They were made by Nestlé, and came in a blue pack. And then, one day, they didn't anymore.

My mum and I got into an argument about what they were called a few months ago. I couldnt remember, and she said they were called... something. I cant remember now, but I knew she was wrong. And then, a few weeks ago, I was talking with one of the other 20+yo girls at work about "ye goode olde days" when we were kids (ie. the early-mid nineties, right about when many of our checkout co-workers were being born) and she said that when she had been in Sydney earlier this year, she had found one of those stores that imports British foods, and they had Jelly Tots, and that she had bought about 20 bags.

I made a little note in my adorabubble post-it-note folder, and promptly forgot about it every time I was near an internet. I mainly use it at work though, or at the pub when shortlisting karaoke songs, so that's not a surprise. One night though, at about 3am, I remembered, found some on eBay, and ordered them. 8 bags of them. Actually, I did it before I bought the two Robert Kaufman bundles, and usually England is quicker than the US at getting stuff to me. Weird, but true. And now, of course, because I didn't go today, I'm fairly certain there's 8 little bags of jubes waiting sadly at the post office to be collected.

And eaten :)

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