Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sense of Achievement...

I've been cramming through and have almost finished the retro quilt - not bad considering I bought half the fabric this afternoon, and washed it, dried it, cut it and sewed it, around having tea, facebooking and playing with the cats.

Currently, it's at 4 long pieces that need to be ironed, pinned and sewed, and then a little bit more ironing and I will have a quilt top.

But I cant quite decide on my backing fabrics just yet. They'll have to be sewn, because I'll be using one of two end of bolt purchases - either a fabric quite similar to some on the front, in a dark green print with pink and yellow flowers, or a 60s mod style fabric in white with rainbow flowerburst patterns that I've been holding onto for about a year after buying the whole bolt for $2 a metre. I seem to recall I made a sleveless tunic from some of it, that was quite cute but I never got around to doing the armholes, because I got distracted by a sleeved version in a green paisley. I wonder where it is. I could finish it for Jess' thingie.

Oh well. My Top Gear episodes have copied to my USB stick now, so I can go out and put them on while I iron. I'm so sick of the fucking Zoomba advert that goes for an hour.

Oooh, and there may be a new Psych episode floating around on the internet by now. Might have a lookies before I go out.

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