Monday, July 5, 2010

Quilt # 3 washed up beautifully, babycat is just under 300g, has opened his eyes and has learnt how to drag his fat little belly around his nesting spot, and I'm wondering what to do next.

Mama Jan's quilt would be the logical choice, as I've got all the fabrics and it's pretty much organised, but it's really just squares, and they're a bit boring, so I'll probably stall on that one till it's really needed.

Spotlight is currently between sales (they usually go for 10 days from Thursday till the Sunday week) so there will be no going in to buy more stuff and from all of the fabric I have now, I cant seem to put together enough to do something nice. The retro quilt needs it's unifying background fabric, the PinkBrownGreen quilt is still scaring me too much to start, and having decided to do the randomised pastel squares quilt as a queen sized blanket, I'm stalling on that one too, for when I'm not trying to do it around full time work.

So, there's two things I could do. No 1 is get the bundles of fabric that are coordinating really well but aren't numerous enough to make into a quilt, and fill in the missing pieces. There's a really nice blue and green lot that I've been putting together slowly, but is still only at 6 when I need at least 12, and a really bright lot, that I have over a dozen pieces for already, but that I cant seem to sort out into a cohesive design - naturally, I'm assuming that buying more will fix this problem. And of course there's the retro one, which needs perhaps a half dozen more mixed fat quarters, or maybe just a metre or so of a solid... What I really need to do is take them in with me when I shop, instead of just buying something and hoping for the best.

The other thing I want to do is but some fat quarter bundles off of ebay. I want the Eden bundle, even though I already have a half dozen of the fabrics, and I've found all 30fqs for less than $100 including postage, which is not too far over my standard $3 per fat quarter. I've found the Soire'e bundle for $100 before postage (usually about $15) and that's got 36fqs so that, technically, is even cheaper. Or I can get the 40fq Hunky Dory bundle for about $120, which is in budget. But some of the fabrics I'm not as keen on, and it's a bigger outlay, and I really should stop spending money, so...

I'll just keep getting out my fabrics every night, and spreading them out and making new piles, hoping new ones will magically appear and give me a perfect set to start my next project.

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