Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Open Apology...

I said I would stop, and I didn't.

I'm very sorry.

Its not my fault. I have the flu, and I was in bed feeling miserable, and then someone mentioned in a blog the existence of fabric.com, and they had $5US/yard fabrics, and, and...

And 27 yards for AU$210 is about $8 per yard. 45% of that is postage costs...

And stop judging me. You all probably do it too.

As a footnote, included in that is a 9 yard random end-of-bolt bundle, 3 half yards of fabric to go with the Autumn Nutmeg bundle bought on the ebays, a panel for Helen's baby and lots of really pretty, bright, retro style ones that actually match one another. The randoms therefore are the only ones that aren't included in my "buy a whole quilt or buy for a planned set, but don't just stash" rule. I probably said it better then, but my... but I'm forgetting how to use words. I'm sure you get the picture.

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