Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not again...

Honeycat appears to be back on heat.

The bum in the air thing, the rubbing her face on everything (even more than usual) and the rolling onto her back and not getting up when I stop patting her, and mainly, the ignoring her child thing.

I know its just a nature thing, and that its not her fault, but I want to shake her and tell her to look after the child she has, not run around trying to make another.

But there's no point. She doesn't speak people (except for "kisses" and "we go to the laundry and get you some foods," obviously) and I don't speak cat.

A a result, we're off to the vet tomorrow. Will be the first time out of the house for Babycat and the first time in a catbox for Honeycat, who, on her 3 previous trips, sat on my lap, or the passenger seat. Frankly, I'm shitting myself a bit, because it's their first trip to the vet as well, and we don't really know anything about Honeycat's history.

My other task tomorrow is finding something to wear to Jessie's 18th this weekend. My alleged future husband* is going to be there, so that ramps the pressure up a bit. It's at Flannies, so at least I know I wont be freezing my toosh off if I wear a dress, but most of what I own is still geared toward the tastes of the ex (Freudian slip there - I initially typed testes) so it's all a bit to girly-goth for my current liking.

Honey cat is banging at the catdoor. I may have locked it... There's a nasty mean boycat out there somewhere...

But back to the dress, I, personally, am a big fan of mod style dresses, the sort of thigh cut, funky patterned type thing you can wear over tights with your cowboy boots. That's what I'm looking for/going to make tomorrow, so I'll be spending tonight looking up designs on the internets.

*His name is Sam, he lives in Naracoorte, and Casey, Ez and Josh are quite sure, apparently.

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