Monday, July 12, 2010


Babycat is soooo cute.

And even though I worry that Honeycat is spending too much time away from him, she's a good mum, doing good mum things, like teaching him how you wash your face by licking your paw and rubbing your head (she did it, he copied, I nawwwwed), or cleaning him up.

She's licking his bum there, behind the dresser leg...

And sometimes, when she's out of the room, I just sit down by the side of the bed, and watch this tiny little thing, that came about entirely naturally, without us even realising...

I don't believe in a god, or religion, or anything of the ilk. But I have read The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett, and I'm very partial to the idea of a Schrodinger's Cat that can travel through time, and even before Babycat, I liked to think that a me from the future had sent Honeycat here, to help me get over the breakup. Seeing Babycat just seems to make me feel it even more. I really don't think I would feel as good as I do about things without them*.

I guess we all want to find reason in things, and if we're in denial about that fact, then we say its our own fault.

I'm just doing it positively. So thankyou, me of the future. I couldn't have done it without me.

*And Simone, and my sisters, and my friends, and co-workers, and family, and my gorgeous quilts that I can do all on my own. But Babycat is the cutest thing on this list.

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