Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In spite of the fact that it's Tuesday and I have no money, I went and got another 8 bundle of retro fats from lincraft, and another metre and a half of the ivory for the background of the retro quilt. It's been washed and is part drying now, but I cant bet to the bench to do my ironing, because Casey was testing the running time of the chocolate fountain, and chocolate has gone everywhere. And the coil that makes it work has broken.


But Honeycat and Babycat seem to have gotten themselves sorted... Babycat wasn't happy with under the sewing cabinet so he's decided to move himself to back under the bed, and Honeycat seems okay with this. If I could just convince them to move back to under the dresser, where I can see them without getting down on the floor, that would be excellent.

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