Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm just taking a break... for sleeping...

Babycat is wandering (read:staggering adorably) around under my sewing pedal, since Honeycat has decided that home is now under the sewing cabinet, which has put a halt to my quilting.

All the easy stuff is done - the binding and the straight lines, as well as two of the paths around the stars. The ends for what I've done so far are all finished too, but I haven't sewn the corners yet, as they will have to be done by hand.

I gotta say that the actual quilting is much less enjoyable than the piecing of a top. Not that piecing a top is hugely enjoyable, but every bit you do seems to give you a big sense of achievement. Take this star design for instance. The quarter block has 3 pieces in it. So you sew once, iron, sew and iron again, and wehey... quarter block, sense of achievement. Then you just have to join your quarter blocks up, with the same amount of sew once, iron, sew and iron again that you had for the quarter blocks, and now the big blocks are done, sense of achievement. Then you just have to join them into 4 long strips (followed by some ironing and a sense of achievement) and it's only 3 bits of sewing till you have a quilt top. And a big-arse sense of achievement.

Once that's all done and it's basted, there's only one possible pitstop at which you can feel good about what you've done so far, and that's only if you're doing the binding after you've done the quilting. I'm not, so even though I'm less than an hour from finishing (2 more curly bits at 10-15 mins each, and hand sewing the corners down), I'm feeling disillusioned about how far I've come, and I'm going to go to bed.

Also, I only bought 100m cotton spools, because 2 bobbins was enough to do the baby quilt, which I find myself forgetting (except when I'm trying to manhandle the new one in the machine) was a row and a half smaller, and as a result, I'm fairly sure it's going to run out before the end.


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