Thursday, July 8, 2010

I need to go to bed...

Lately, I have had a little problem. My body clock has been out of whack since my first expedition into the world of quilting, and I routinely stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning, and sleep in until 11 or 12 noon.

Now, in spite of the fact that this setup would seem fairly ideal for me, I’ve been trying to get my system back closer to everyone else’s time, because society is guilt-tripping me about it. Problem is, I think I’m going about it the wrong way. What I’ve been doing is telling myself each night after work that I’m going to have an early one, that I’ll get up in the morning and do some sewing then, when I’m alert, and fresh, and the sun is shining and all that crap. But then, with the best of intentions, I ebay, I facebook, I blog, I open unnecessary paint documents or I watch old Top Gear/ Psych episodes. And then, before I know it, it’s 3am, and I haven’t achieved anything, and I wont get up till lunchtime and nothing will get done the next day either.

It’s 1am now. I’m not going to do any sewing tonight, or any organizing, or any concept designing, or, well, hopefully, anything at all. I’ve put some of my fabrics in a little ziplock bag to take shopping tomorrow, and that’s it. I have the day off, It’s late night shopping so it doesn’t matter if I accidentally sleep in… But I'm a realist. I probably wont fall asleep for another couple of hours yet, and the cycle will continue.

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