Thursday, July 15, 2010


My Robert Kaufman fabric bundles got here today, and the Autumn Nutmeg one is so achingly gorgeous I considered buying it again, but instead I have ordered a 23fq bundle of fabrics from Moda's Make Life range, for AU$65, which seems pretty damn good. It's about $2.80 per quarter, well in budget, and they look like a good set of gender neutral fabrics, seeing as how I've decided to keep the drool worthy greens and browns to myself.

My mum was soooo right. They're just not suitable for a baby. What a shame. I'll have to keep them.

As for the blue/brown/orange bundle? I like it, except for the spotty ones, which seem a bit boring. And I've no idea what to use it for. I mainly got it so it would drag down the average price of the other ones. Still, its not like I don't have a hundred other fat quarters with no real project in mind.

I don't think I'm very good at this whole "working from a stash" thing. Sure, it worked great for my first quilt, but there's probably 100 different fabrics in it. For the most part, when you're only using maybe 20, and you want them to go together, getting stuff from the stash doesn't really work. They're never quite right, or you choose a dozen that work but you still need that again in something that matches, and they never quite do, so you buy more than you need, and take out maybe half of the original ones, till its 75 or 80% new fabric anyway...

Not that I have any room in my schedule for any new quilts anyway. There's the retro quilt (#5) to bind and quilt, Mama Jan's quilt (#4) to do, The blue/green quilt that's all bought for and washed and ironed and sitting quietly in a zip lock bag waiting to be cut, the quilt for Helen's still-gender-neutral baby (which I'll probably do in the Make Life fabrics)my queen sized rainbow patch sequel, as well as the rainbow brights that are assembled but still being pondered over, and of course the brown/green/pink scary corners and loops quilt.

So, no more buying of a bit here or there, unless it's a certain addition to something that's in progress. Fabrics for backing or binding aren't included, obviously, and an exception is in place for if/when the lincraft 8pk bundles are on special, or for buying a coordinated bundle off of ebay.

I'm still considering getting the Eden bundle, though I'll be waiting till I can justify it, or until the dollar gets even better. It's at 86c at the moment, and if it gets back up to 90, I'll get it.

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