Monday, July 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

Debating whether or not to invite the lovely Simone to read this, making her my first official reader. Although really, if there's anyone else out there, let me know, and I will recognize your title. This little piece of the blogosphere may still not be much, but it's mine, and I'm not only proud of it, but of anyone with the stamina to put up with it.

Also having a bit of an internal debate about dresses. Two actually. I have a masquerade ball 18th birthday party to go to Saturday week that I need to sort out something for, as well as 3 B&S Balls in the next 3 months. With regards to the latter, I've found a very nice looking wedding dress from china for $60 which spreads out to $20 a ball, and that price seems great. But there are two problems, the first being that it is a white wedding dress, the second being that for the most part I'm opposed to cheap made in china stuff, because they lower people's expectations of the cost of goods to way below what any local manufacturer could match, though usually when I make this statement it's more in relation to toys than dresses. But still. Usually, when I want something on the cheap that I could have theoretically made myself, I go to the salvos, or buy secondhand on ebay. But am I silly for letting a moral debate get in the way of a dress that, on screen at least looks gorgeous, and which could be dyed without too much effort? Probably.

As for the masquerade ball dress, I'm not sure what I'll do. The ebay dress, if and when bought, still wont get here for a couple of weeks, so I'll either be going with something I already have or making something, which I'm not sure I can be bothered to do. The dress code just says to wear a mask, not anything about a ballgown, so I'll have to find out what the actual dress code is. It's at Flannigans, which is loosely speaking "our" pub, so I don't think its all-out, Cinderella style formal. Casey says its "formalish", but I'd best check.

Finally, there is Honeycat and Babycat. Honeycat keeps moving Babycat, because my little sister and the dog keep going in and looking at Babycat, picking him up (Maddy) sniffing and licking him (Graham(dog)) and for obvious reasons, Honeycat's not very partial to that. This morning when I woke up she had moved him from under the dresser to back under the bed, pretty much right where he was born, so I shifted the stuff back to the far side so we could look in there easier, but then I got home from work to find it had been shifted again, this time to under my sister's bed. This is a bad idea for two specific reasons. The first is that Casey is allergic to cats. She's gotten used to Honeycat (the internet says it happens eventually) but not to Babycat. Also, she shuts her door at night. I used to, but now I have cats, I understand that I cant.

The big problem is, she refused to move back to either previous spot. Even after I remodeled the under the dresser nest to have big wadding walls and curtains, every return would see Babycat picked up by the scruff of the neck, carried to Casey's closed door, and plopped there so Honeycat could mew indignantly. Eventually I gave up acting concerned and went and did my ironing. The retro quilt is in it's point blocks now, but I'm not sure where to go from here. The blocks I have are 8 red, 8 blue, 4 purple and 4 yellow, which makes out to around 115x150 cm, and I have 2 almost matching green fat quarters that I could use too, but I'm stalled until I work the layout.

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that the cats are under the sewing cabinet.


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