Thursday, July 1, 2010

Days off are more tiring than workdays...

I ended up getting 6 cot sized ones (that was all they had) and one queen sized one, total cost $130.

Quilt # 3 is bound but not quilted, because spotlight had sold out of the stripey fabric I was going to use for the binding, so I had the most pathetic strop in history, and did the cheat fold-over-the-backing binding thing. It still looks nice, if a little more boring, and it means that I'll have to do a neater job of my start/finish points of the quilting, but I'm feeling good about the progress I've made - even if it isn't finished, it almost looks it, but for the pins.

I also concluded that my current setup of sewing machine on shoebox on dresser is killing my back and is generally bloody inconvenient, so I've started the process of getting a bit better setup, by bringing the proper sewing cabinet, with the height adjustment and stuff, to my bedroom, not that I really have room for it. I've had to tub a whole lot of stuff, and those tubs are going to have to be shedded till I can get rid of the dresser, which I can't do till honeycat is willing to let babycat move out, and put the tubs where it is currently. I've considered and quite quickly disregarded the idea of going back to a single bed now that I no longer have a boyfriend to share it with, but as soon as honeycat leaves the nest and goes back to sleeping exactly where I want my knees to be, the extra bedspace is necessary.

The only problem with having the sewing cabinet on the other side of the room is that of course there is no powerpoint on that side, so even though I've done the heavy lifting and would like to celebrate by getting this quilt finished so I can stop stressing over it,* I cant finish it because, of course, we have no free extension cables at the moment.

So I'm thinking I might instead go and finish the last of the prewashing... I put it in the machine before I went in to do my shopping and haven't got around to putting it in the dryer yet, but it would probably only need 20 minutes before it would be fine to iron... or, I could sit here, and go on facebook and ebay, and waste yet another night off.

Haven't decided yet.

*Not that its bad, in fact, I'm actually worried that its too good to give to someone I've never met, who's already been bought $100 worth of presents by the rest of the staff... Should we be sharing the babylove instead of spoiling this one particular baby?

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