Wednesday, July 7, 2010

***Childish Squealing***


It's like I'm a real quilt blogger... With real photos of real accomplishments, not just crappy mspaint mock-ups of what I want to do...

Even though I got it finished a few days ago, I wanted to remake it's cover to be a bit neater, and didnt get around to it until today. Also, we finally got some sunshine at a time of the day when I wasn't stuck at work selling people cancer tubes, so I could get outside and take the pretty photos.

I even love the back, because I pretty much just went over the main seams with the fantastic little wavy stitch that's on the 45 year old Elna but wasn't on the brand new Toyota I owned for 15 hours before returning late last year. So you can almost see the pattern from the back too.

I found the photo taking thing a bit hard though. The part of the clothesline that would have been face onto the sun was in the shadow of either the house or the rest of the clothesline, and at the angle I had to take it at, the crinkles put parts of it in shade and the sunlit parts look all washed out and weird. But at one point, it caught a gust of wind and was all in the shade, and this came out okay.

In spite of the fact that its a hideously simple design and only measures a bit over 120cm each way, there's a fair bit of smug pride going on. With no books, no formal training, no help from anyone at all, I made a quilt, with triangles, hell, with stars, with pretty, wavy quilting, that's still suitable for a boy, that I am now, quite selflessly, going to give to someone I've never even met.

Eventually. I'm not sure when, since his mum is still off on maternity leave, and I've no idea when I'll be seeing her again to give it to her, but still.

Nice feeling.

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